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Example Code along with the blog post at https://blokje5/dev
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Validating Terraform plans using the Open Policy Agent

This repository contains the code for the blog post here:


The following tools are needed in order to execute the code:

Additionally, if you want to execute the unit tests for the policies, the OPA binary needs to be installed.

Generating a terraform plan

execute the following commands (note that valid AWS credentials need to be available, as we are deploying AWS resources).

terraform init
terraform plan -out=tfplan
terraform show -json ./tfplan > tfplan.json

Evaluating the plan

conftest test ./tfplan.json

Which returns the following output:

   Invalid tags (missing minimum required tags) for the following resources: ["aws_s3_bucket.helm_repo"]
   Invalid tags (not pascal case) for the following resources: ["aws_s3_bucket.terraform_state_bucket"]

Unit testing Rego policies

cd policy
opa test -v *.rego
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