Decompiled and modified version of GT5.07.07
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GT5-Unofficial is a decompiled and modified version of GT5.07.07. The goal of the mod is to maintain and extend the end game of GT5.


Builds can be found on the IC2 Forums and as OneDrive Downloads


GT5U requires IndustrialCraft2-experimental. Version 2.2.780-experimental or newer is recommended. Forge versions 1428-1480 are known to break multiplayer. 1481 or newer are recommended. Place the downloaded jar file into your mods/ folder.


Please report any issues you to find the issue tracker on this repository. Include as much information as possible including as version and steps to reproduce.


Please do! However, please take a note of current issues and what is currently being worked on.


Gregtech++Misc GT additions.
GTTweakerMinetweaker Addon for GregTech.
Tinkers Gregworks Tinkers Construct Tools made with GT materials.
GalacticGreg GregTech Worldgen on Galacticraft Planets (Directly integrated into GT5.09.23+)


Beyond Reality
Infitech 2
GT New Horizons
Идеальная Индустриальная Сборка / Ideal Industrial Assembly