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BloodHound Database Creator

This python script will generate a randomized data set for testing BloodHound features and analysis.


This script requires Python 2.7, as well as the neo4j-driver. The script will only work with BloodHound 2.0.3 and above.

The Neo4j Driver can be installed using pip:

pip install neo4j-driver


Ensure that all files in this repo are in the same directory.



  • dbconfig - Set the credentials and URL for the database you're connecting too
  • connect - Connects to the database using supplied credentials
  • setnodes - Set the number of nodes to generate (defaults to 500, this is a safe number!)
  • setdomain - Set the domain name
  • cleardb - Clears the database and sets the schema properly
  • generate - Generates random data in the database
  • clear_and_generate - Connects to the database, clears the DB, sets the schema, and generates random data
  • exit - Exits the script
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