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@rvazarkar rvazarkar released this Jul 15, 2021

This release contains several fixes for AzureHound, as well as fixes for searching and viewing azure nodes.

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@rvazarkar rvazarkar released this Feb 16, 2021

This release comes with a whole heap of bugfixes.

Big thanks to everyone who submitted PRs and fixes (@cnotin @jtothef @nheineger @Scoubi)

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@rvazarkar rvazarkar released this Nov 25, 2020

This release fixes the issue with prebuilt queries not displaying correctly

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@rvazarkar rvazarkar released this Nov 20, 2020

This is a major feature release for BloodHound, including support for Azure attack primitives in the attack graph with new nodes and edges.


For information on changes in this version, please refer to Andy Robbins' blog post about the release of AzureHound.

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@rvazarkar rvazarkar released this Jul 22, 2020

This release fixes compatiblity with Neo4j 4.1 and fixes several bugs

  • Updated search query to be significantly faster
  • Fixed some prebuilt queries and renamed others
  • Populate raw query when using the back button
  • Update most of the packages used by BloodHound
  • Remove docs folder from builds
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@andyrobbins andyrobbins released this Apr 13, 2020

  • Significantly decrease node lookup times by applying objectid index to all node labels
  • Fix effective inbound GPO count
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@rvazarkar rvazarkar released this Mar 10, 2020

This release adds a new modal for displaying errors in graph queries.

Fix domain queries when data is incomplete
Fix foreign admins query
Fix PSRemote ingestion
Fixes an inconsistency in the output format

Fixes GPO collection of groups thanks to @sploutchy

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@rvazarkar rvazarkar released this Feb 24, 2020

This release fixes unknown nodes not being properly updated during ingestion. As a result, cross domain logic should be functional again.

You will need to clear your database and re-import data after using this release. Re-doing data collection will not be required,

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@rvazarkar rvazarkar released this Feb 19, 2020

This release fixes some bugs with the 3.0.0 release, and reverts timestamps back to integers in the database.

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@rvazarkar rvazarkar released this Feb 11, 2020

This is a major feature release for BloodHound, introducing several new features, optimizations, and bugfixes.



New Edges

Added the following new attack paths/edges

  • ReadGMSAPassword - The ability to read the password of a Group Managed Service Account
  • HasSIDHistory - The ability to authenticate automatically as another user from a domain migration
  • CanPSRemote - The ability to start a PSremote session with the remote computer (membership in the Remote Management Users group) (Thanks to @RiccardoAncarani for the original PR)
  • ACL Control for OUs

User Interface

  • Security Fixes (Thanks to @moloch, @6661620a)
  • Reworked node displays to support collapsing data
  • Added a confirmation dialog for drawing large graphs
  • Prevented expensive queries from running automatically, now requires user input
  • Improved Dark Mode support


  • Complete rewrite, targetting .Net 4.5.
  • Options have completely changed, use SharpHound.exe --help
  • Performance and accuracy improvements across the board
  • Database index changed from name to objectid (SID/GUID)
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