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Welcome! And let me tell you right away, that I'm excited to greet you here. I love this feature and welcome any feedback about it.


  • Highcharts license on your end (if your website is a commercial one)
  • include Highcharts script before this script (see Minimal example)
  • add the class bloodmallet_chart to a <div> of your choice (see Scheme for more information)

A link back to is not required but highly appreciated. You can also check out these options to support this project:

Minimal example

Creates a patchwerk trinkets chart with data for elemental shamans.


<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

Minimal Example image

Maximal example

Creates an identical chart to the minimal example above.


<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>


Required: id="[some-unique-id]"

Whatever you like, but it must be unique within the page and a single string without spaces.

Required: class="bloodmallet_chart"

You NEED to add bloodmallet_chart as the class of your element, or else no chart will be added into it.

Required: data-wow-class="[wow_class]"

Valid input is any World of Warcraft Class name written in lower case and with underscores instead of spaces.

Examples for [wow_class]:

  • death_knight
  • hunter
  • priest

Required: data-wow-spec="[wow_spec]"

Valid input is any World of Warcraft Spec name written in lower case and with underscores instead of spaces. (Pay attention to the correct wow_class and wow_spec combination.)

Examples for [wow_spec]:

  • blood
  • beast_mastery
  • shadow

Optional: data-chart-engine="[chart_engine]"

Chart lib you want to use to render the chart.

Valid input for [chart_engine]:

  • highcharts - default (latest release version)
  • highcharts_old (~4.1)

Optional: data-tooltip-engine="[tooltip_engine]"

Determines how the links of items and spell are generated.

Valid input for [tooltip_engine]:

  • wowhead - default
  • wowdb
  • none (plain text)

Optional: data-type="[data_type]"

Determines what data is loaded and therefore shown in the chart.

Valid input for [data_type]:

  • trinkets - default
  • azerite_items_chest
  • azerite_items_head
  • azerite_items_shoulders
  • azerite_traits_itemlevel - different itemlevels, same number of traits (one)
  • azerite_traits_stacking - same itemlevels (raid mythic itemlevel), different number of traits
  • races

Optional: data-azerite-tier="[tier]"

Determines which azerite tiers will be shown for azerite_traits_itemlevel and azerite_traits_stacking.

Valid input for [tier]:

  • all - default hows all traits in one chart
  • 3 - tier 3 (outer ring) traits only (to ensure backwards compatibility "1" will be preserved and handled like "3")
  • 2 - tier 2 (next to outer ring) traits only

Optional: data-fight-style="[fight_style]"

SimulationCraft fight style used for the data generation and therefore for the chart.

Valid input for [fight_style]:

  • patchwerk - default
  • hecticaddcleave

Optional: data-entries="[number]"

Determines the number of entries in the chart.

Default: 7

Optional: data-background-color="[color]"

Background color of the chart and its elements

Default: #343a40

Examples for [color]:

  • brown
  • #eee
  • #a3a3a3

Optional: data-font-color="[color]"

Font color of most of the elements

Default: #f8f9fa

Examples for [color]:

  • brown
  • #eee
  • #a3a3a3

Optional: data-axis-color="[color]"

Axis color and axis description color

Default: #828282

Examples for [color]:

  • brown
  • #eee
  • #a3a3a3

Optional: data-language="[language]"

Set the language of the data names/links. The Title and Legend of the chart are currently not translated.

Valid input for [language]:

  • cn - Chinese
  • de - German
  • en - English default
  • es - Spanish
  • fr - French
  • it - Italian
  • ko - Korean
  • pt - Portuguese
  • ru - Russian

Getting data from

All data is public. You can always get it for free from[data_type]/[file_name].json or fork this repository. If you have special ideas or suggestions, contact me.

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