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little helper to create shiny trinket graphs
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This tool is deprecated with the launch of the Battle for Azeroth Prepatch. See bloodytools for an improved and continued tool.

Automatation tool to calculate the worth of all dps trinkets of all classes in World of Warcraft using SimulationCraft.


You need a working SimulationCraft version, Python 3.5 or newer and the module simc_support which is handled in the requirements.txt.


Download or clone this repository into your SimulationCraft directory. simulationcraft\bloodytrinkets


Start your python environement. Install dependencies.

$ <env_name>\Scripts\active
(<env_name>)$ pip install -U -r .\requirements.txt

pip freeze should return something like this: "-e git+"

Getting started

Edit to your liking using any text editor. Start your python environement. Start bloodytrinkets.

$ <env_name>\Scripts\active
(<env_name>)$ python .\


You can start right away. The strongest need right now would probably be the implementation of tests. But as I want to merge my different projects into one with the coming Battle for Azeroth expansion, be prepared, that those are probably going to see heavy changes. Anyway, I'd love to help if someone is interested in improving or adding something.