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Generator runners

You can read my article about generators

This repository contains different generator runners. Usually, if you encounter generators in the wild, it is either koa.js (or co itself), or attempts to get async/await syntax before standartizing.

However, generators, being subset of CSP, are very powerful, and we can build really interesting workflows with them. I have to note, though, that I don't consider this as a production library, since they are really "obscure", and you should treat them more like a gist and inspiration, rather than reference implementation. They are hard to understand to the newcomer to your codebase, so you should think twice before implementing.

Implemented runners:

You can run these example using following commands:

npm run example:batch
npm run example:pause
npm run example:ignoreErrors

Why obscure?

Because they are not very common to typical codebases – it makes them weird automatically :) No worries, though – in case it fits your use-case perfectly, take it and adapt to your scenario.