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Orpheus Manager

Making the most horrible things on Earth and beyond a bit easier.

The Orpheus Manager is a character creation and management tool for The Orpheus Protocol RPG System. The manager is feature complete as of v2.1.2 of The Orpheus Protocol official rules. The character sheet itself does all the stat calculation for you during character creation, and will alert you if you are missing anything important. During gameplay, the manager gives you a streamlined interface to track resources, reference rules, and take notes. You can save your character sheet between sessions, and the file format is designed to be compatible with other community developed tools for The Orpheus Protocol.


  1. Download the Application
    • You will probably want the .exe file in the top directory. This is the most current complete build of the application.
    • The Orpheus Manager is constantly under development. If you want to test a beta build, or if a new version of the rules was recently released and I am still working on updating the app, you can try whatever build is in the "Unstable Versions" folder.
    • If you want to play with an older version of the rules, check the "Past Versions" folder. This will contain the most complete version of the manager for every version of the Orpheus official rules.
  2. Launch the Application
    • You may have to ignore a security warning to run the application. This is a personal project, and I did not have the funds to buy an expensive certificate to get Windows to accept me. I promise it is safe :)
  3. Have Fun
    • There are instructions when you launch the app. Direct any questions to me on the "Rules and Game Discussion" channel of the official Orpheus Discord. Please let me know if you see any pesky bugs!


  1. Character Creation / Management
    • Editable character sheet
    • Resource tracking
    • Auto-calculation of derived attributes
    • You can save your sheet for later
    • Sleek design
  2. Reference
    • Rules cheat-sheet
      • Character creation references
      • Combat rules
      • General system rules
      • Great references for GM's too


A character manager for the Orpheus Protocol RPG system.



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