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Is a project currently being worked on by Pablo Sauma Chacón from the University of Costa Rica.

The work is a reproduction and extension of the work of Anne Sullivan, Mirjam Palosaari Eladhari, and Michael Cook, who previously presented an article and system of the same name (Tarot-Based Narrative Generation, available at: While plenty of the work was based in their description of the experiment in their article, the implementation was completely developed by myself (even though the code is available at:

At the same time their work (and therefore, this project) take as source material the book "A Guide to Tarot Card Meanings" by Mark McElroy (freely available at: and a copy of the original text file is included as well as a trimmed version used for processing.

Another source of material used in this project is 31K verbs, a file including around 31,000 verbs provided by Ashley Bovan (available at:

This project is work in progress and I hope to extend it further before open it to the world.

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