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Documentation and samples for the Serverless COBOL for AWS solution from BluAge
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BluAge Serverless COBOL for AWS

A short story of serverless COBOL for AWS

During the last quarter of 2018, we introduced the serverless COBOL for AWS solution, making use of AWS Lambda Layers (officially presented during AWS Re:invent 2018) and our COBOL to java compiler.

For the first time, COBOL developers were able to compile and deploy their code to AWS Lambda functions, using their favourite language, an universal IDE (Visual Studio Code) and a remote compiler service, hosted on AWS.

During the first quarter of 2019, we wrote dedicated extensions to permit the COBOL code to interact with popular AWS services (SQS, S3, Kinesis, API Gateway, DynamoDB) and handle respective triggers for Lambda functions.

At AWS Summit Tokyo 2019, in partnership with Accenture Japan, we demonstrated how we managed to migrate a CICS Online COBOL application into a serverless web application, relying on Lambda functions for the backend (see the video).

Try for yourself!

You can register for a free serverless COBOL trial, using this registration page.

Our helpdesk team will provide the required resources to get you started compiling your COBOL code and deploy it to an AWS lambda function, on a region nearby your location.

Meanwhile, you can browse the documentation:

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