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Commits on Feb 26, 2012
  1. release: use final Eden splash

    theuni committed
  2. release: version strings bump for rc1

    theuni committed
  3. release: bump skin.touched to latest

    theuni committed
  4. release: move to final eden addons repo

    theuni committed
  5. release: keep xbmc.addon in sync with major releases

    theuni committed
    This allows repository owners to filter specific XBMC versions.
    Note that this can currently only block at install-time (meaning install from
    zip or install from repo) and will not filter any manually copied repository
  6. release: bump xbmc.json

    theuni committed
    From now on, this version will stay in sync with the version reported from
    jsonrpc. Addons using jsonrpc should depend on the minimum version necessary to
    function so that only users with >= that api available will be able to install.
  7. remove backward compatibility to v2.1 in xbmc.gui. Eden skins must re…

    Jonathan Marshall committed
    …quire version 3.00
  8. ensure the name of playlists is displayed in the smartplaylist rule b…

    Jonathan Marshall committed
    …rowser (rather than filenames)
  9. CSmartPlaylistDirectory::GetPlaylistByName should also return playlis…

    Jonathan Marshall committed
    …ts if they match the filename (as that's what the smartplaylist rule dialog returns)
  10. fixed: CSmartPlaylistDirectory::GetPlaylistByName could return non-xs…

    Jonathan Marshall committed
    …p files
  11. path substitution didn't work for files

    Jonathan Marshall committed
Commits on Feb 25, 2012
  1. @elupus

    remove: fallback to windows channel order in windows renderers

    elupus committed
    This is now handled in factory
  2. @elupus

    changed: always assume windows channel order on input if not known

    elupus committed
    This makes windows and linux behave identical for this situation.
  3. @alanwww1
  4. @alanwww1
  5. @elupus

    changed: bump number of minimum remembered packets for recovery

    elupus committed
    From reports the current value wasn't enough and it doesn't
    hurt much to bump this one step.
  6. @elupus

    fixed: convergance count was wrong for h264

    elupus committed
    This occured with the change to not wait for keyframes on startup
    for h264
  7. @phi2039

    FIXED:[osx] Fall-back to a default speaker configuration if one is no…

    phi2039 committed
    …t configured for the output device.
  8. @phi2039
  9. @phi2039
Commits on Feb 24, 2012
  1. @elupus

    Merge pull request #713 from a11599/audiodelay

    elupus committed
    added: Configurable display latency based on refreshrate in advanced settings
  2. @a11599
  3. Merge pull request #724 from mad-max/no_xbox

    Kyle Hill committed
    removed obsolete xbox code
  4. @mad-max

    removed obsolete xbox code

    mad-max committed
    for this I have checked #10623...Most parts were already fixed...
  5. @Memphiz

    Merge pull request #721 from Memphiz/unrarxlib

    Memphiz committed
    UnrarXLIB messed with endianess on APPLE platform
Commits on Feb 23, 2012
  1. cache smartplaylists using a unique cachename so that they can be cle…

    Jonathan Marshall committed
    …ared on either music or video scan. Closes #12686
  2. clear the fileitemcache after deleting items

    Jonathan Marshall committed
  3. @Memphiz
  4. @Montellese
Commits on Feb 22, 2012
  1. @FernetMenta

    Merge pull request #715 from FernetMenta/mainline2

    FernetMenta committed
    vdpau: set correct display state
  2. @alanwww1
  3. @alanwww1
  4. @alanwww1

    Merge pull request #716 from tomtor/dutch

    alanwww1 committed
    updated: Dutch translation fixes/additions - Thanks Tomtor
  5. @FernetMenta
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