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Commits on Sep 26, 2012
  1. Stop only active instant recording

    authored Metod Bulovec committed
    Currently all timers on channel are deleted if you stop active instant recording with XBMC.PlayerControl(record). There is also no notification.
    With this fix only active recording on current channel is stopped. Any possible future timers on channel are not deleted.
  2. @gnif

    [AE][Pulse] fixed properly usage of CAEWAVLoader

    gnif authored
    Lesson learnt... make a PR next time :)
  3. @gnif
  4. @pieh
  5. @gnif
  6. @gnif
  7. @gnif
  8. @gnif

    [AE][WAV] Improved the performance of wav loading

    gnif authored
    This changes the wav loader to call the conversion method on the entire sample
    buffer instead of on each sample so that any optimizations in the conversion
    method such as SSE can be leveraged.
  9. @pieh

    GUIDialogContextMenu: force setting initial visibility before adding …

    pieh authored
    …context buttons in case skinner used custom buttoms with visible condition so total size of grouplist children is correct
  10. @pieh

    partially revert 90fa342, process static content and set default item…

    pieh authored
    … in CGUIBaseContainer::AllocResources
    ::SetInitialVisibility was wrong place as we call it twice before and after we restore control states, we need to process and set default item before that and AllocResources seems good place for it
  11. @gnif
  12. @gnif
  13. @gnif

    [AE][SoftAE] Fixed segfaults & improved WAV handling

    gnif authored
    Previously when a sound was played, if the format did not match the sink format
    it would be re-loaded from the disk and re-sampled each time the sink re-opened.
    This behaviour has been changed so that the samples are cached along with the
    original format information. This will reduce the re-init latency.
    A new method has been added to check if the current output WAV format is
    compatible with the required output format, so that re-init is not performed
    when it is not required. This fixes the soft suspend issue with SoftAE in
    CSoftAE::MixSounds which caused stack smashing.
    This also fixes a long standing bug in CSoftAE::MixSounds when multiple sounds
    are played at once that was also causing stack smashing.
Commits on Sep 25, 2012
  1. @elupus
  2. @huceke

    [rbp] changed use bitstream converter for getting sps/pps and do not …

    huceke authored
    …convert frames. saves cpu time.
  3. @huceke
  4. @huceke
  5. @huceke
  6. @night199uk

    fix: allow reading ape tags when a file has ape & mp3 tags simultaneo…

    night199uk authored
    …usly to replicate old behaviour
  7. @bobo1on1

    Merge pull request #1476 from bobo1on1/tscc-fix

    bobo1on1 authored
    fixed: ffmpeg tscc codec needs bits_per_coded_sample passed from the dem...
  8. fixed: ffmpeg tscc codec needs bits_per_coded_sample passed from the …

    bobo1on1 authored
    …demuxer, see decode_init() in libavcodec/tscc.c, fixes #10159
Commits on Sep 24, 2012
  1. [droid] move getdelim to match rand_r

    Cory Fields authored
  2. [droid] add an implementation of rand_r

    Cory Fields authored
    Also create a place for us to add missing bionic functions. This is
    _purposefully_ done inside of XBMC rather than as a separate helper-lib to
    discourage adding stuff here. Instead, we should be pushing to get them into
    the ndk.
  3. [aml] fix amlplayer linux build

    Cory Fields authored
    This unifies linux/android loading of libamlplayer. We dyload
    on both platforms now.
  4. fix and bump touched submodule

    Cory Fields authored
  5. @Montellese
  6. @davilla
Commits on Sep 23, 2012
  1. @alanwww1
  2. @Memphiz

    [darwindeps/python] - fix missing _environ symbol which was resolved …

    Memphiz authored
    …by accident in older darwin versions (but doesn't work anymore on osx10.8 and ios6.0) - see
  3. @Memphiz

    [ios/atv2] - disable usage of fastmemcpy - it breaks build on apples …

    Memphiz authored
    …newest buildtools (xcode4.5/ios6 sdk)
  4. @Memphiz
  5. @Montellese

    Merge pull request #1448 from Montellese/fix_random_sort

    Montellese authored
    SortUtils: fix random sorting always being the same after restart
  6. @Montellese
  7. @Montellese
  8. @davilla
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