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Data Access and Sharing
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DASH provides generic, efficient multi-threaded data access. It allows data distribution and synchronization in heterogenous environments, implemented by the CoDASH library. The primary use case is the development of task-parallel multi-threaded applications.

DASH fulfills the following requirements:

  • Memory efficient
    • All threads share the data and copy-on-write
    • Single-threaded use does not create any additional copies
    • Different data representations may share underlying data, e.g., triangles between a BVH and kd-tree.
  • High-Performance
    • Lock-free and wait-free read access
    • Fast write access after first copy-on-write
    • Change migration from thread A to B uses simple pointer swaps
  • DAG structure
    • Access, context mapping and data distribution handles full graphs
    • Selective distribution shall be possible (partial data range, partial features)
  • Distributable
    • See codash
    • Data update from node A to B shall only send change delta
    • Data discovery shall be transparent



Open an issue if you need help, have a question, want to provide feedback or need advice. We'll try to resolve them in a timely manner.

Building from source

Linux, Mac OS X

git clone
cd Buildyard
git clone config.bluebrain
make dash


git clone
cd Buildyard
git clone config.bluebrain
[Use CMake UI to configure]
[Open Buildyard.sln]
[Build 00_Main - dash]
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