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A Discord Bot that helps remind people of programming syntax.
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Discord Tutor Bot

A bot that reminds the user of programming syntax.


  • discordrb - installed with gem install discordrb

You will need to set up your own discord bot, and store your token and client ID in a file config.rb. You will then have to connect your bot to your discord server.


To run the bot, type ruby tutorbot.rb in terminal. The Bot will then come online in your discord server.

To get help from the bot, you need to type ! and then a two letter code your your language to access, a space, and then a keyword to access what you would like information about.

For instance, typing !rb puts - the bot will return something like:

    puts "Hello World"

    # puts can print multiple things, each on a new line
    puts(1, 2, "dog", "cat")

    # don't have to use brackets
    puts 1, 2, "dog", "cat"

    # print will join these two strings together on same line
    print("a", "b")

    # also can use without brackets
    print "a", "b"
    # 'p' acts like .inspect

A feature of this bot is it supports multiple programming languages. The languages this bot supports so far are:

  • Git - !git <command>
  • Javascript - !js <command>
  • Ruby - !rb <command>
  • Vim - !vim <command>

You can see a list of all the available commands with !help

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