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Classic snake game for your terminal
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Ruby Snake

An In-Terminal Game

🐍 Classic snake game

snake game

Use your wasd keys to move the snake around the board. (,aoe works too for Dvorak peeps 😉)

🍎 Your aim is to eat the apples assortment of food. As you eat the food, your body grows bigger. Don't run into yourself or the walls, or it's game over.

To Start the Game

In terminal ▶️ ruby main.rb

You will need a terminal with emoji support.

To Do

  • Get the emojis working in a normal terminal (currently works in vs code?) - maybe by incorporating a gem, or by having a unicode only version?
  • Snake keeps moving in the direction you tell it to (not waiting for key press)
  • User can choose easy, medium or hard, will change the speed of the game.
  • Need to make it game over if you collide with yourself or the wall
  • When emoji is working more places, I will replace the walls with emoji. The game must go full emoji.
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