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Helios 1.4.2020.0530

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@BlueFinBima BlueFinBima released this 01 Jun 11:56
· 6 commits to Dev since this release


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Change log

1.4.2020.0530 Release

Great work in this release for BMS carried out primarily by wheelchock, on the corrections and improvements for BMS users. This incorporated work from WillianG83. Thanks also to those who tested.

  • BMS fixes and updates
    • Merge of a more complete Falcon BMS flightdata structure and supporting code provided by a fork from WillianG83
    • Fix for nozzle2 position shows incorrect value #211
    • Fix for rpm2, ftit2 shows incorrect values #210
    • Fix for altimeter calibration flags #208
    • Fix for TACAN data shows incorrect values #207
    • Fix for Landing gear handle light #141
    • Fix for RWR incorectly positioning contacts in the wrong threat ring #223
    • Added fuel aft, fuel fwd, and fuel total values
  • Added F-16 Hydraulic Pressure Gauge
  • IRIS built to allow x86 installation, and minor changes for network error handling
  • FA-18C Interface corrections for 3 way toggles on Head Up Display Control panel
  • Exceptional additional build for Windows 32 Bit version for low spec Windows machines such as Windows tablets


    ** MD5 0b4bdd8990df4d46bc7995eedcf76994
    ** SHA1 e41724255728c3e465c6d44e378619f5fdb51ac6
  • Helios.1.4.2020.0530 (Win x86).zip
    ** MD5 0acdfa8c88f92397afc06b421c989796
    ** SHA1 6c463b51d43016cbbc9d8f866295efd4a935cab2