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Open Knesset Mobile

Open Knesset Mobile (כנסת פתוחה) uses PhoneGap and Sencha Touch to construct a multi-platform mobile application for the Open Knesset website. This application is available free on the App Store and Android Market and will always be free. The purpose of this app is to increase transparency of Knesset activities, and to encourage people to be more involved with what is happening with the rulers of Israel's country.

This project is released as Open Source so that everyone can contribute to it. Please check our issue tracking system for stuff we'd be happy be done :)


  • Git (obviously)
  • Java
  • Ant (for the build)

For desktop testing:

  • Google Chrome (or Safari) or another WebKit based browser. Sencha touch does not support FireFox

For iOS:

  • Xcode on a Mac machine
  • PhoneGap for iOS (download the tag 1.0.0 from github)

For Android: (PhoneGap for Android is included in this git repository)

  • Eclipse
  • ADT for Eclipse (Android development Toolkit)


For Desktop browser testing (Chrome/Safari):

  • clone this git repository git clone

For the Android version development:

  • retrieve the submodules:

    cd 'OKnesset Mobile' git submodule init git submodule update

  • import the project directly under 'OKnesset Mobile' to eclipse

Installation - only for Android

run the following git commands to clone the PhoneGap submodule:

git submodule init
git submodule update

Get started (Build and Run!)


  • build the project (Project ==> Build Project)

Command Line:

build the project (command-line) - run ant with no arguments form the project root directory.


you now have 3 'executable' versions of the OKnesset Mobile application. Android, iPhone and Web (for testing).


  • Open 'OKnesset Mobile/target/web/www/index.html' with chrome


  • Open 'OKnesset Mobile/native/iOS/OKnesset/OKnesset' (with Xcode)


  • import the eclipse project in 'OKnesset Mobile/native/Android/OKnesset/'



  1. if you get an Error like this when running ant:

    'ant' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

    You need to download and install ANT on your machine.

Make a difference!

  • When modifying javascript files, please use the 'javascriptFormatting.xml' formatting settings so that file merges and code reviews would be easier.
  • Try to follow These Guidelines from PhoneGap's Contributer Workflow on how to make pull requests for the project