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create 3D-maps of your Minecraft worlds and display them in your browser
>> DEMO MAP <<

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What is BlueMap

BlueMap is a program that reads your Minecraft world files and generates not only a map, but also 3D-models of the whole surface. With the web-app you then can look at those in your browser and basically view the world as if you were ingame! Or just look at it from far away to get an overview.


BlueMap comes as a Spigot/Paper or Sponge Plugin, as a Fabric or Forge-Mod and you can also use BlueMap without any Server from the Command-Line as a standalone tool.

If installed as a Plugin/Mod, BlueMap renders asynchronously to your MinecraftServer-Thread. This means at no time it will block your server-thread directly. So as long as your CPU is not fully utilized, your server should not be slowed down while BlueMap is rendering.

Using BlueMap

You can download BlueMap from here.
Read the installation instructions to get started!

Here you can see how many servers are using BlueMap:

BlueMap Graph



If you have git installed, simply use the command git clone --recursive to clone BlueMap.


In order to build BlueMap you simply need to run the ./gradlew clean build command in BlueMap's root directory. You can find the compiled JAR files in ./build/release.


You found a bug, have another issue?
First, make sure it's not on your end, if you are unsure you can always ask about it in our Discord.
If you are sure it's a bug on BlueMap's end, please create an issue here!


You are welcome to contribute! Just create a pull request with your changes :)

If you want to have your changes merged, make sure they are complete, documented and well tested!

Keep in mind that we have to maintain all new features and keep supporting them in the future. This means we always can decide to not accept a PR for any reason.




Special thanks to JetBrains for giving out an OpenSource-Licence for BlueMap development!