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BindPlane CLI and API client, written in GO
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Lightweight command line utility for interacting with the BindPlane public API Bindplane Getting Started Bindplane API Documentation

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Download the release zip for your platform, unzip, and place the binary in your path:

chmod +x bpcli
mv bpcli /usr/local/bin


bpcli uses cobra for managing commands and flags.

See /doc for usage examples.


All commands have a built in help flag. --help can be passed at any time.

bpcli --help


bpcli source
bpcli source create
bpcli source delete
bpcli source get
bpcli source list
bpcli source type
bpcli source type get
bpcli source type list
bpcli source type template


bpcli credential
bpcli credential create
bpcli credential delete
bpcli credential get
bpcli credential list
bpcli credential type
bpcli credential type get
bpcli credential type template


bpcli collector get
bpcli collector list
bpcli collector delete
bpcli collector group get
bpcli collector group list


bpcli job list
bpcli job get



When making changes please write tests and lint your code with golint:

make lint


Tests require an api key to be set, even if it is invalid

export BINDPLANE_API_KEY='somefakekey'
make test

Tests can be run against the live Bindplane api, however, a valid Bindplane environment and api key must be present

export BINDPLANE_API_KEY='somerealkey'
make test


The Makefile in this repository will use Docker to build bpcli. This is to ensure a consistent build environment. Compiling with Docker is optional.

Build with Docker, and check the artifacts directory when finished

  • linux zip archive
  • darwin zip archive
  • windows zip archive
  • SHA256 sum file

To build on your own system, without Docker:

go get ./...
env CGO_ENABLED=0 go build

To cross compile on your own system, without Docker, set GOOS, and GOARCH:

env CGO_ENABLED=0 GOOS=linux GOARCH=amd64 go get ./...
env CGO_ENABLED=0 GOOS=linux GOARCH=amd64 go build

Third party packages

bpcli relies on:

  • cobra for command line flags
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