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bpcli usage

This doc will walk you through how to create a mysql source.


  1. Create credential
  2. Get collector ID
  3. Create source
  4. Check job status

bpcli integrates well with common unix utilities. This guide relies on several UNIX utilities such as tr, jq, grep, and watch.

Setup Environment

Export your api key:

export BINDPLANE_API_KEY='00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000'

Create Credential

Find the credential id and set it to an environment variable:

CRED_TYPE_ID=`bpcli source type get --id mysql --json | jq '.credential_types[0].id' | tr -d '"'`

Retrieve a credential template using the previously set credential type id

bpcli credential type template --id $CRED_TYPE_ID > cred_mysql.json

Edit the credential name and parameters to reflect your environment:

  "name": "app-db-0",
  "credential_type_id": "03e7424b-83c5-41ca-8365-2abf528881d5",
  "parameters": {
    "password": "securepassword12",
    "username": "app"

Send the credential to BindPlane:

bpcli credential create --file cred_mysql.json

Verify that the credential was created:

bpcli credential list | grep app-db-0

Get Collector ID

Retrieve a collector id and make a note of it:

bpcli collector list

Configuring a Source

Retrieve a source template with:

bpcli source type list
bpcli source type template --id mysql > source_mysql.json

Edit the template with your favorite editor. You must include the collector id and credential id from the previous steps, as well as the source name and host. All other options can use default values.

  "name": "app-db-0",
  "source_type": "mysql",
  "collector_id": "a9702bff-a3c8-4a86-862c-a6d07dc8b2fb",
  "collection_interval": 60,
  "credentials": {
    "credentials": "741e28cf-637e-45bf-a02e-5ed415a78eea"
  "configuration": {
    "collection_mode": "normal",
    "connection_timeout": 15,
    "host": "",
    "monitor_databases": "user",
    "monitor_queries": true,
    "monitor_tables": true,
    "order_queries_by": "avg_latency",
    "order_tablespaces_by": "file_size",
    "port": 3306,
    "query_count": 10,
    "query_history_interval": 24,
    "query_timeout": 5,
    "ssl_config": "No Verify",
    "table_space_count": 200

Create the source and note the job_id that is returned

bpcli source create --file source_mysql.json

Watch Job Status

bpcli job get --id <job id here>
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