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A utility to assist in managing a vRealize Operation Manager (vROps) environment through the CLI. A user can perform MP installs and upgrades, licensing management, endpoint configuration, credential management, and more! The design is focused around exposing core functionality that can be scripted to make more complex solutions.


Development Environment Setup

  • Make sure to have Python and Pipenv install
    • For Mac, Install Homebrew (this may take a while if Xcode needs to be installed):
/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
  • Run pipenv --python 3.7 In current directory (or pipenv --python 3.6 for vROps build directly)
  • Run pipenv lock --pre and pipenv sync to ensure everything is up to date

To Use

  • Run pipenv shell to enter environment

To Distribute

Make sure to compile this on the oldest OS you wish to support with your binary!

  • Run pylint tests
pylint --disable=all --enable=F,E,unreachable,duplicate-key,unnecessary-semicolon,global-variable-not-assigned,unused-variable,binary-op-exception,bad-format-string,anomalous-backslash-in-string,bad-open-mode *.py
  • Run installer locally
pipenv shell
pipenv install pyinstaller
pyinstaller -F
  • If you wish to compile to work natively on a vROps system (SLES 11), run the Docker build script:

Binary build will be in a artifacts directory


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