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riemann-cassandra : tool for emitting Cassandra metrics to Riemann


Riemann along with Graphite make it possible to easily monitor any service.

This tool lets you monitor Cassandra by emitting metrics in JMX as Riemann events You should run one of these per Cassandra node.


    java -jar riemann-cassandra-0.0.1.jar  
         -riemann_host <arg>     #defaults to localhost
         -riemann_port <arg>     #defaults to 5555
         -cassandra_host <arg>   #defaults to localhost
         -jmx_port <arg>         #defaults to 7199
         -jmx_username <arg>     #defaults to null
         -jmx_password <arg>     #defaults to null
         -interval_seconds <arg> #defaults to 5

Metrics tracked

  • General

    • cassandra.heap_committed_mb
    • cassandra.heap_used_mb
    • cassandra.exception_count
    • cassandra.recent_timeouts
    • cassandra.pending_compactions
    • cassandra.total_sstable_mb
  • Per ThreadPool

  • Per Keyspace/ColumnFamily

    • cassandra.db.keys
    • cassandra.db.mean_row_size
    • cassandra.db.min_row_size
    • cassandra.db.max_row_size
    • cassandra.db.sstable_count
    • cassandra.db.total_sstable_mb
    • cassandra.db.total_bloom_mb
    • cassamdra.db.bloom_fp_rate
    • cassandra.db.memtable_size_mb
    • cassandra.db.read_latency
    • cassandra.db.write_latency
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