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Providing workshops on token creation and smart contracts based on Stellar.
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Stellar Workshops & Seminars

Providing workshops on token creation and smart contracts based on Stellar.

Based on our successful Stellar meetups in Munich, the idea evolved to implement meetings with a workshop character and educate everybody on the potential of the Stellar ecosystem. We have already created a 50 pages tutorial how to create a stellar token using the laboratory. Since we received a positive feedback, we plan to continue conducting workshops especially in EU and the APAC region as well as develop more tutorial material. The workshop content such as slides, videos, etc. will be open source and available for all in the community.

Our goal is to share our knowledge and awareness of development on the Stellar blockhain. Our objectives are:

  • Create workshop tutorials, with interactive tasks which motivate the attendees to get their hands dirty by themselves.
  • Formulate an ambassador program, so the workshops can be performed by others in different geographies. We envision to conduct the sessions offline and make the content available offline to engage a larger audience
  • Create a “Stellar Workshop Attendee Certification” for attendees who not only attend our offline workshop sessions but are able to complete the tasks of the workshop on their respective terminals.

If you plan to do a meetup or workshop feel free to use our documents. For more details you can join our team "blueorion" or via our website

We are looking forward to expand the Stellar universe.

Documents and Content

  • Meetup 1: Short introduction on SmartStellar (BlueOrion) and Soneso and results of the meeting

  • Meetup 2: a) General Tutorial on Stellar Basics (by Soneso) b) Overview on Stellar UseCases c) Fundamentals of the Stellar Consensus Protocol

  • Meetup 3: Workshop "How to create a Stellar token".

  • Meetup 4: Workshop at University Munich (TUM) "How to create a Stellar token".

  • Meetup 5: Was held due to the visit of Kori and Lisa from the foundation. There have been no slides just a visit at the beergarden.

  • Meetup 6: Update on the SCF activities, tokenization and regulations, Blue Orion Subscription Service

  • Meetup 7: Introduction of Stellar to the "Stellar WorkGroup" within

Next Meetup planned on 12.02.2020, Agenda: Create a Stellar token for

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