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// BluePay C++ Sample code.
// This code sample runs a report that grabs a single transaction
// from the BluePay gateway based on certain criteria.
// See comments below on the details of the report.
// If using TEST mode, only TEST transactions will be returned.
#include "Single_Transaction_Query.h"
#include "../bluepay-cpp/BluePay.h"
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
void singleTransactionQuery(){
string accountId = "Merchant's Account ID Here";
string secretKey = "Merchant's Secret Key Here";
string mode = "TEST";
string transactionID = "Transaction ID here";
BluePay report(
transactionID, // ID of previous transaction
"2015-01-01", // Search Date Start: YYYY-MM-DD
"2015-05-30", // Search Date End: YYYY-MM-DD
"1" // Do not include errored transactions in search? Yes
// Makes the API Request with Blue
// Reads the responses from BluePay if transaction was approved
cout << report.getResponse();