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# BluePay Ruby Sample code.
# This code sample runs a $3.00 sales transaction using the payment information obtained from a credit card swipe.
# If using TEST mode, odd dollar amounts will return an approval and even dollar amounts will return a decline.
require_relative "../../lib/bluepay.rb"
ACCOUNT_ID = "Merchant's Account ID Here"
SECRET_KEY = "Merchant's Secret Key Here"
payment =
account_id: ACCOUNT_ID,
secret_key: SECRET_KEY,
mode: MODE
first_name: "Bob",
last_name: "Tester",
address1: "123 Test St.",
address2: "Apt #500",
city: "Testville",
state: "IL",
zip_code: "54321",
country: "USA",
phone: "123-123-1234",
email: ""
# Set payment information for a swiped credit card transaction
payment.swipe("%B4111111111111111^TEST/BLUEPAY^2511101100001100000000667000000?;4111111111111111=251110110000667?") "3.00") # Sale Amount: $3.00
# Makes the API Request with BluePay
# If transaction was successful reads the responses from BluePay
if payment.successful_transaction?
puts "TRANSACTION STATUS: " + payment.get_status
puts "TRANSACTION MESSAGE: " + payment.get_message
puts "TRANSACTION ID: " + payment.get_trans_id
puts "AVS RESPONSE: " + payment.get_avs_code
puts "CVV2 RESPONSE: " + payment.get_cvv2_code
puts "MASKED PAYMENT ACCOUNT: " + payment.get_masked_account
puts "CARD TYPE: " + payment.get_card_type
puts "AUTH CODE: " + payment.get_auth_code
puts payment.get_message