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' *
' * Bluepay VB.NET Sample code.
' *
' * This code sample runs a report that grabs a single transaction
' * from the BluePay gateway based on certain criteria.
' * See comments below on the details of the report.
' * If using TEST mode, only TEST transactions will be returned.
' *
Imports System
Imports vbnet.BPVB
Namespace Sample
Public Class URLGeneratorMethodSample
Public Shared Sub run()
Dim accountID As String = "Merchant's Account ID Here"
Dim secretKey As String = "Merchant's Secret Key Here"
Dim mode As String = "TEST"
Dim testURL As BluePay = New BluePay(
Dim generatedURL As String = testURL.generateURL(
merchantName:= "Test Merchant",
returnURL:= "",
transactionType:= "SALE",
acceptDiscover:= "Yes",
acceptAmex:= "Yes",
amount:= "99.99",
protectAmount:= "Yes",
rebilling:= "Yes",
rebProtect:= "Yes",
rebAmount:= "50",
rebCycles:= "12",
rebStartDate:= "1 MONTH",
rebFrequency:= "1 MONTH",
customID1:= "MyCustomID1.1234",
protectCustomID1:= "Yes",
customID2:= "MyCustomID2.12345678910",
protectCustomID2:= "Yes",
paymentTemplate:= "mobileform01",
receiptTemplate:= "defaultres2",
receiptTempRemoteURL:= ""
Console.WriteLine("Hosted Payment Form URL: " + generatedURL)
End Sub
End Class
End Namespace