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Forward port fixed issues from the 6.5.128 branch

Signed-off-by: Michael Jackson <>
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imikejackson committed Aug 22, 2019
1 parent 95ae9df commit 6587cc6d5a72126d78d3fbdcfc8cb27938286952
@@ -10,6 +10,90 @@ The developers of DREAM.3D maintain a pair of Google Groups for discussions on t

[DREAM.3D Developers List](!forum/dream3d-developers)

## Version 6.5.128 ##

### 6.5.128 New Filters & Features ###

+ ItkPairwiseRegistration contributed by AFRL (DREAM3DReview)

### 6.5.128 Fixed DREAM3D Issues ###

+ Find Average Orienation now has default values
+ CTF Files written by EMsoft no longer print spurious warning message
+ Reference Frame default transform is correctly set.
+ Reference Frame transform is guessed based on file extension first time dialog is launched

### 6.5.128 Fixed SIMPL Issues ###

+ Import HDF5 could not import anything more than 2GB worth of elements
+ Fixed ambiguous logic in TetrahedralGeom
+ Fixed Issue with MultiDataArraySelectionWidget not clearing the lists when a new Attribute Matrix was selected.

## Version 6.5.126 ##

### 6.5.126 New Filters & Features ###

+ Convert Quaternion: Converts a Quaternion between Scalar-Vector and Vector-Scalar memory layout
+ Quaternion Conjugate: Computes the conjugate of a quaterion

### 6.5.126 Fixed DREAM3D Issues ###

+ Fix issue where "Reveal in Finder/Explorer" would not actually open the proper Finder/Explorer Window
+ ReadCTF Data: Allows user to convert Eulers to Radians and allows user to disable the Hexagonal basal plane X axis convention.
+ InsertAtoms: Fixing crashes during filter (reported by MicroClue <>)
+ Improved some of the prebuilt pipelines to run faster and with less memory overhead.
+ Write Pole Figure Improvements: Proper default for Material Names, Only allow PDF, updated descriptions for types of output (Color Intensity & Discrete)
+ AbaqusHexahedronWriter did not provide enough arguments to an error message
+ SPParksDumpReader did not properly create AttributeMatrix and DataArray with the proper number of tuples. This effected filters downstream that depend on that information.
+ Export 3D Solid Mesh now does not time out
+ ITKImagePairWiseRegistration filter added into DREAM3DReview branch

### 6.5.126 Fixed SIMPL Issues ###

+ Use proper icon in MultiDataContainerSelectionWidget
+ Fix to resolve spurious warnings about QGradient at the end of pipeline execution
+ Fix to itkCommand subclass to properly implement it using ITK Macros
+ Use 'Spacing' instead of 'Resolution' in ImageGeometry descriptive text
+ Addressed arithmetic overflow and other code analysis warnings
+ Initialized PipelineMessage index
+ Marked a possible coding error in ImportAsciiDataArray where two identical error conditions are checked using || operator.
+ Fixed an incorrect cast in ReadASCIIData where a double is cast to a float for a method parameter that is expecting a double. Due to multiple calculations of the same value, it was saved to a constant before the first calculation was required.
+ Changed a for loop variable in geometry compute methods to avoid default castings when dereferencing a pointer multiple times per iteration.
+ Changed geometry requirements in addAttributeMatrix from using || for enum checks to &&. The previous versions could never be false and invalidated the entire method.
+ Fixed a possible overflow when calculating ImageGeom and RectGridGeom coords. The previous versions would have overflowed before casting to a larger size.
+ Updated variables used to store min and max float values to constexpr to take advantage of the fact that they are known at compile time and are never modified.
+ Removed unnecessary casts in SIMPLibRandom where doubles were cast to float and then saved as a double.
+ Fixed ColorTable::GetColorTable due to the current implementation going out of array bounds. The 2D array float color[8][3] was being accessed with indices [8][2].
+ Updated VTKFileReader::skipVolume to use size_t dimensions
+ Changed xDim, yDim, and zDim parameters to size_t from int. If either one or three of them were negative, the total size variable used to allocate memory would save a negative number as an unsigned value, causing overflow. Moreover, any negative dimensions would silently prevent data from being read.
+ Updated ColorTable::GetColorTable with static_cast and rename
+ Updated preset color table only.
+ Removed duplicate error checks in ImportAsciDataArray
+ Other errors are already handled, so these seem to be redundant rather than typos.
+ Updated ColorTable::GetColorTable for json values
+ Applied fixes from preset color table method.
+ Updated incorrect currBinIndex maximum value in preset table method
+ Moved variables inside the loop where appropriate.
+ Updated numColors parameter to size_t both for cast issues and because it makes no sense to have a negative number of colors.
+ Made variables const where appropriate.
+ Ran clang-format on ColorTable.cpp for readability
+ Fixed more arithmetic overflow warnings with type casts
+ Performed casts on getNumberOfComponents() to size_t for calculations. This method should probably return size_t instead of a signed int if a negative component dimension is not possible.
+ Changed DynamicTableData::ExpandData parameters nRows and nCols from signed int to size_t. Negative values were not handled, and the values are more descriptive with their current type. size_t should be preferred over int when it comes to dimensions unless there is a good reason to include negative values as a valid option.
+ Added a hsize_t cast to H5DataArrayWriter when calculating rank size in H5DataArrayWriter.hpp By casting the first value, arithmetic operations progress it forward while preventing int32_t-related overflow.
+ Added casts to int64_t when faceId values to local variables in GeometryMath.cpp. These variables were used for referencing vertex pointer indices where int64_t values were expected
+ Fixed a few uninitialized variables
+ Fixed type casting in CubeOctohedronOps.cpp
+ Added missing `f` in plane4Comp and plane7Comp arithmetic operations. This was determined as a mistake by looking at other operations where the same calculations were consistently done with a floating point constant, but the `f` was left off in two places. The `static_cast<float>` was determined to silence a warning regarding type casting down from double to float due to the propagation of the double type through the calculation.
+ Added default value to ErrorObject::ok boolean in ParseFunctors
+ Silenced initialized variable warning
+ Added default construction to SIMPLib property macros
+ This is unlikely to affect the default values for integers, floating point numbers, and booleans (not created with SIMPL_BOOL_PROPERTY).
+ Hard sets boolean properties to false using SIMPL_BOOL_PROPERTY
+ Silences uninitialized variable warnings for other types.
+ These macros still have the potential to cause bugs due to uninitialized variables.
+ Added a default initialization for PipelineMessage code.

## Version 6.5.121 ##

### 6.5.121 New Filters & Features ###
@@ -519,13 +519,17 @@ int CtfReader::parseHeaderLines(QList<QByteArray>& headerLines)
// We do not really do anything with this entry
else if(sLine.startsWith("EMsoft"))
// We do not really do anything with this entry
else // This is the generic Catch all
EbsdHeaderEntry::Pointer p = m_HeaderMap[tabTokens[0]];
if(nullptr == p.get())
std::cout << "---------------------------" << std::endl;
std::cout << "Could not find header entry for key '" << line[0] << "'" << std::endl;
std::cout << "Could not find header entry for line '" << line.toStdString() << "'" << std::endl;
// QString upper(line[0]);
// std::transform(upper.begin(), upper.end(), upper.begin(), ::toupper);
// std::cout << "#define ANG_" << upper << " \"" << line[0] << "\"" << std::endl;
@@ -77,12 +77,12 @@ EbsdToH5EbsdWidget::EbsdToH5EbsdWidget(FilterParameter* parameter, AbstractFilte
m_SampleTransformation.angle = 0.0f;
m_SampleTransformation.h = 0.0f;
m_SampleTransformation.k = 0.0f;
m_SampleTransformation.l = 1.0f;
m_SampleTransformation.l = 0.0f;

m_EulerTransformation.angle = 0.0f;
m_EulerTransformation.h = 0.0f;
m_EulerTransformation.k = 0.0f;
m_EulerTransformation.l = 1.0f;
m_EulerTransformation.l = 0.0f;

m_Filter = qobject_cast<EbsdToH5Ebsd*>(filter);
Q_ASSERT_X(nullptr != m_Filter, "EbsdToH5EbsdWidget can ONLY be used with EbsdToH5Ebsd filter", __FILE__);
@@ -430,6 +430,8 @@ void EbsdToH5EbsdWidget::on_m_LineEdit_textChanged(const QString& text)
m_fileExtUsedForTransformInit = false;

emit parametersChanged();

@@ -609,10 +611,36 @@ void EbsdToH5EbsdWidget::on_m_RefFrameOptionsBtn_clicked()
QString ebsdFileName = (fileList[0]);

QFileInfo fi(ebsdFileName);
if(fi.suffix() == "ctf")


QEbsdReferenceFrameDialog d(ebsdFileName, this);

if(fi.suffix() == "ctf")
m_HKLchecked = true;
m_NoTranschecked = false;
if(fi.suffix() == "ang")
m_TSLchecked = true;
m_NoTranschecked = false;
if(fi.suffix() == "mic")
m_HEDMchecked = true;
m_NoTranschecked = false;
m_fileExtUsedForTransformInit = true;

@@ -637,7 +665,7 @@ void EbsdToH5EbsdWidget::identifyRefFrame()
m_TSLchecked = false;
m_HKLchecked = false;
m_NoTranschecked = false;
m_NoTranschecked = true;
m_HEDMchecked = false;

@@ -202,6 +202,7 @@ class EbsdToH5EbsdWidget : public FilterParameterWidget, private Ui::EbsdToH5Ebs
QAction* m_ShowFileAction = nullptr;
QString m_CurrentText = "";
bool m_DidCausePreflight = false;
bool m_fileExtUsedForTransformInit = false;

EbsdToH5EbsdWidget(const EbsdToH5EbsdWidget&) = delete; // Copy Constructor Not Implemented
@@ -310,6 +310,7 @@ void QEbsdReferenceFrameDialog::loadEbsdData()
ReadCtfData::Pointer reader = ReadCtfData::New();
int err = reader->getErrorCode();

@@ -336,47 +337,6 @@ void QEbsdReferenceFrameDialog::loadEbsdData()
crystalStructuresArrayPath = DataArrayPath(dcName, cellEnsembleName, Ebsd::CtfFile::CrystalStructures);

// If they want to convert the Eulers to Radians
QString filtName = ChangeAngleRepresentation::ClassName();
FilterManager* fm = FilterManager::Instance();
IFilterFactory::Pointer convertEulerFactory = fm->getFactoryFromClassName(filtName);
if(nullptr != convertEulerFactory.get())
// If we get this far, the Factory is good so creating the filter should not fail unless something has
// horribly gone wrong in which case the system is going to come down quickly after this.
AbstractFilter::Pointer convert = convertEulerFactory->create();

DataArrayPath eulerAnglesPath(dcName, cellAttrMatName, Ebsd::CtfFile::EulerAngles);
QVariant var;
convert->setProperty("ConversionType", SIMPL::EulerAngleConversionType::DegreesToRadians);
convert->setProperty("CellEulerAnglesArrayPath", var);

int err = convert->getErrorCode();
if(err < 0)
m_BaseImage = QImage();
m_DisplayedImage = QImage();
QMessageBox msgBox;
msgBox.setText("Missing Dependent Filter to change Degrees to Radians");
QString iText;
QTextStream ss(&iText);
ss << "A filter is needed to convert the data from Degrees to Radians. That filter is missing from this instance of the application. You can proceed with the import if you wish.";

QString outputArrayName;
int err = createIpfColors(dca, cellPhasesArrayPath, cellEulerAnglesArrayPath, crystalStructuresArrayPath, outputArrayName);
if(err < 0)
@@ -57,12 +57,12 @@ enum createdPathID : RenameDataPath::DataID_t
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
: m_FeatureIdsArrayPath("", "", "")
, m_CellPhasesArrayPath("", "", "")
, m_QuatsArrayPath("", "", "")
, m_CrystalStructuresArrayPath("", "", "")
, m_AvgQuatsArrayPath("", "", "")
, m_AvgEulerAnglesArrayPath("", "", "")
: m_FeatureIdsArrayPath(SIMPL::Defaults::ImageDataContainerName, SIMPL::Defaults::CellAttributeMatrixName, SIMPL::CellData::FeatureIds)
, m_CellPhasesArrayPath(SIMPL::Defaults::ImageDataContainerName, SIMPL::Defaults::CellAttributeMatrixName, SIMPL::CellData::Phases)
, m_QuatsArrayPath(SIMPL::Defaults::ImageDataContainerName, SIMPL::Defaults::CellAttributeMatrixName, SIMPL::CellData::Quats)
, m_CrystalStructuresArrayPath(SIMPL::Defaults::ImageDataContainerName, SIMPL::Defaults::CellEnsembleAttributeMatrixName, SIMPL::EnsembleData::CrystalStructures)
, m_AvgQuatsArrayPath(SIMPL::Defaults::ImageDataContainerName, SIMPL::Defaults::CellFeatureAttributeMatrixName, SIMPL::FeatureData::AvgQuats)
, m_AvgEulerAnglesArrayPath(SIMPL::Defaults::ImageDataContainerName, SIMPL::Defaults::CellFeatureAttributeMatrixName, SIMPL::CellData::EulerAngles)
m_OrientationOps = LaueOps::getOrientationOpsQVector();

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