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Fixed a crash due to an unallocated DataArray in filter (#915)

* Fixed a crash in InitializeSyntheticVolume due to the phaseType array not being allocated on the first dataCheck();

Signed-off-by: Matthew Marine <>
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mmarineBlueQuartz committed Aug 26, 2019
1 parent e4e1d22 commit 95ae9df94db6d688b9735f1f26c92162402cd5b7
@@ -310,6 +310,12 @@ QString InitializeSyntheticVolume::estimateNumFeatures(IntVec3Type dims, FloatVe
setErrorCondition(-11002, ss);
return "0";
QString ss = QObject::tr("Phase types array was not allocated and could not be accessed for values. The path is %1").arg(getInputPhaseTypesArrayPath().serialize());
setWarningCondition(-11003, ss);
return "0";

std::vector<size_t> statsDims(1, 1);
StatsDataArray::Pointer statsPtr = dca->getPrereqArrayFromPath<StatsDataArray, AbstractFilter>(this, getInputStatsArrayPath(), statsDims);

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