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Proof-of-Concept for accessing ID4i using Talend Open Studio
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Support Chat API Client Version

ID4i API Client Example - Talend Open Studio

ID4i provides globally unique IDs for single workpieces and a platform to manage, and exchange data bound to IDs in an inter-organizational manner. For details, please refer to

This repository contains a proof of concept for connecting to ID4i using Talend Open Studio. For detailed documentation of ID4i see

This example calls the API information resource from the ID4i API to demonstrate how connections to ID4i can be made from Talend Open Studio. It contains the following components:

  • Context configuration for URL and API Key

  • tLibraryLoad for required libraries, most notably JJWT. The other libraries are required transistive dependencies of JJWT.

  • tJava for creating the JWT token to sign the requests

  • tRest to make the actual call

  • tExtractJSONFields to parse the response from ID4i

  • tLogRow to make the result visible

id4i talend metadata


To be able to connect to ID4i with an API client, you need to register and set up an API key for your application first. See

Using this key, you can sign JWTs to send as Authorization header Bearer token for subsequent requests against the ID4i API.

Please refer to on how to register and for additional documentation.


  1. Import the project from this repository into TOS

    id4i talend import 1
    id4i talend import 2
  2. Run the project, enter the API key and secret you created in ID4i

    id4i talend run
  3. In case your talend installation misses any of the required libraries, you can get them from your local maven repository or from

  4. If you did not activate the API key or messed up creating the JWT, an error

    id4i talend error
  5. Otherwise: Fame & Profit

    id4i talend result


If you need support or just want to talk about ID4i, hop over to, we’re happy to help. You’ll find additional pointers there.

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