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High Speed Priority Queue for C#


  • Faster (for path-finding, at least) than any other C# priority queue out there!
  • Easy to use
  • No dependencies on third-party libraries
  • Free for both personal and commercial use
  • Implements IEnumerable<T> for LINQ support!
  • Fully unit-tested
  • Has a stable priority queue implementation (ie. if two items are enqueued with the same priority, they'll be dequeued in the same order they were enqueued)
  • Takes advantage of the new forced inline support when compiling under .Net 4.5, for even faster speeds
  • Published to NuGet - can easily be added to any project
  • Should work on .Net versions as old as .Net 2.0

Is this software free?

Yes! See the license page for more details.

Getting Started

This project contains two priority queue implementations - one that's super-fast (without thread-safety, safety checks, etc), and one that's easy/safe to use.

See the Getting Started page, or decide what type of queue you want: