A repository to house all of my XCOM 2 mods.
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All Soldiers Gain XP All Soldiers Gain XP - Updated for WotC (no longer need to give fake … Sep 12, 2017
Automatically Color Units Automatically Color Units - Updated colors for LW2 Sep 12, 2017
Confirm Free Reload Confirm Free Reload: Fix bug causing game to stop responding to 'tab'… Oct 4, 2017
Faster Psi Lab Training Fast Psi Lab Training: Initial commit Feb 7, 2017
Hack Plus Hack Plus: Added Published File ID Sep 1, 2017
Instant Avenger Menus
Larger Starting Squad
Last Man On Earth Updated ReadMe files Feb 14, 2016
More Squad Size Upgrades More Squad Size Upgrades: Fix various bugs with squad select screen i… Sep 20, 2017
More Supplies Updated ReadMe files Feb 14, 2016
More XP Updated ReadMe files Feb 14, 2016
No Startup Movies
Rookie Customization Options Rookie Customization Options: Fixed file tabbing Feb 7, 2017
Ruler Reactions Revised Ruler Reactions Revised: Updated for WotC Sep 2, 2017
Starting Staff
Stop Wasting My Time Stop Wasting My Time: Remove pointing animation Oct 4, 2017
.gitignore Added the 'Faster Movement' project Feb 8, 2016
LICENSE Including a 'LICENSE' file Mar 3, 2016