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#encoding: utf-8
# BlueVia is a global iniciative of Telefonica delivered by Movistar and O2.
# Please, check out and if you need more information
# contact us at
$:.unshift File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__),'..','lib')
require 'bluevia'
# (c) Bluevia (
class DemoSmsMo
include Bluevia
# This demo shows how to use sandbox fake mo messages
# send() function will only for long numbers in LIVE mode
consumer_key= "vw12012654505986"
consumer_secret= "WpOl66570544"
mode= BVMode::SANDBOX
token= "ad3f0f598ffbc660fbad9035122eae74"
token_secret= "4340b28da39ec36acb4a205d3955a853"
# To create BVMoSms client
@mt =, consumer_key, consumer_secret, token, token_secret)
# A set of params (note short number for fake mo messages)
short_number = "546780"
sms_special_keyword = "SANDBLUEDEMOS"
sms_content= "The Bluevia APIs make it easy for your application to access our network services."
# Message sending
infosms= @mt.send(short_number, "#{sms_special_keyword} #{sms_content}")
p "Info returned from 'send' command: " + infosms
# For sms MO messages, two legged client for Bluevia is required (as shown below)
@mo =, consumer_key, consumer_secret)
# To retrieve sent messages to the short number
ans = @mo.get_all_messages(short_number)
puts "Message retrieved: "
puts ans.inspect
rescue StandardError => e
puts "received Exception: #{e}" # do whatever