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Supported wallet types

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By default, BlueWallet creates BIP84 (account zero). If you enable advanced mode in settings you will also have an option to create BIP49 and a single-address wrapped segwit address (which exports WIF).

Wallet types supported (via import procedure) are:

  • BIP84/BIP49/BIP44 (via mnemonic seed) - only 0 account, BIP39 passphrase is supported
  • Single-address legacy/wrapped segwit/native segwit (via WIF, BIP38 password supported)
  • Breadwallet format (both legacy & segwit) m/0' (via mnemonic seed)
  • AEZEED - only BIP84 chain out of 10 internal chains (via mnemonic seed) - password supported
  • ElectrumDesktop BIP32 P2PKH (legacy) & BIP32 P2WPKH (native segwit) m/ (via mnemonic seed), passphrase is supported
  • Multisig m/48'/0'/0'/2' (native segwit), m/48'/0'/0'/1' (wrapped segwit), m/45' (legacy) - via coldcard txt file, or in-app creation wizard, either seed or xpub for any cosigner(s)
  • Watch-only - any type of single address (legacy, wrapped segwit, native segwit)
  • Watch-only - via account-level xpub/ypub/zpub (generally referred to as simply "xpub")
  • Watch-only - multisig (see above). It's watch-only if BlueWallet has no seeds for any cosigner
  • SLIP39 (native segwit, wrapped segwit, legacy) - only 0 account, passphrase is supported

Import procedure

BlueWallet will do its best to determine the correct wallet type. This usually means trying to unwrap every possible wallet type from provided backup and check if there are any transactions there. This is a CPU costly and time-consuming procedure, dependant on the stable network (to query electrum server). In case no transactions were found - BIP39-compliant seed will default to be imported as BIP84, WIF - as single-address wrapped segwit (not BIP39 nor WIF don't carry any information about what wallet type is this).

Exceptions are Electrum's BIP32 & Aezeed mnemonic seeds which are actually carrying hints about wallet type.

Typos in mnemonic seeds wordlist are NOT yet tolerated

Features support

Currently, only BIP84 wallet type support all implemented features. Other wallet types (except watch-only) support at least send, flexible fees and sendMAX