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The Maiden's Tale

More about this game at Run it by opening index.html in your browser.


Building the game requires grunt and node.

npm install && grunt build

grunt - The default grunt command watches for changes in the /src directory and rebuilds the game each time a file changes. It does not register changes in

To add new files to the game, you'll need to add them to the list in


Parts of this game are distributed under two licenses: GPL 3.0 and CC-By-NC-SA. The short of it is "Share all you like, use the code as you like, give credit. Don't sell the writing, but you can use the engine in your own games if you wish, commercial or not." The long of it is that all material in the /src/engine directory is covered by GPL 3.0, while all material in /src/content is covered by CC-By-NC-SA. See the license files in those directories for details.

Characters so far

Mr. Stevens - You don't know his first name. He's the head overseer, a dignified man with neatly trimmed salt-and-pepper beard. Enjoys his work, preferring to remain a somewhat distant figure.

Sorley - One of the overseers, a short man somewhere in his thirties. No matter how stereotypical it may be, you can't help but compare him to a rat. Enjoys dealing with helpless and squirming slaves, especially those who don't like him.

Wendy - One of the overseers, a plush woman with long golden waves of hair and a false smile. She pretends to be people's friends, but really she just likes hurting people.

Joel - Hardworking field hand, relatively new to the estate. Tall, muscular, handsome, probably a little past twenty.

Robin - Another slave, she's been here a year when you arrive, enslaving herself on her 18th birthday. Cute, petite, hair red as a blushing bride, it seems everyone's delight to tease her sexually.

Tits - Another slave, this is her sixth year year. Middle aged, massive knockers, long brown curls and olive skin.