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Source Design Files

This is a redesign of the Camping website. Design decisions:

  • The front page contains all information in order to get started.
  • The front page links to every (offical) Camping resource.
  • The news archive is for all kind of Camping related stuff.
  • The reference is very simple, hand-written and with comments (no RDoc).
  • Current version:
  • All backed by the camping wiki on GitHub, editable by the community.

Not everything is implemented yet; see the issue tracker.


You'll need to install camping, RedCloth, and syntax gems, and have the git binaries installed and available. Then just host the wiki.rb in the same way you would any camping app, and ensure it has privileges needed to create the directory and update it through git as needed.


Unlike Camping itself, the whywentcamping website does contain assets of various licenses, ranging from public domain, all the way through to standard copyright. Of particular note, the 'Topstitch' typeface license was donated to the project by Typodermic, and is in no way our property or available for public use outside our website. If you take the @font-face embed files from this website and install them on your computer for any commercial uses (or possibly even noncommercial uses, depending on your local laws), you'd be infringing their copyright. Typefaces are difficult to make, and there aren't many type designers in the world, so please do consider this form of art worthy of your monetary support if you like this font! The html, css, and content of this website, has been variously created by campers, and we don't mind if you remix it. Likewise, many of the images used in the website were created by @Bluebie, and unless otherwise noted in style.css or html comments, you can consider those public domain. Where they incorporate creative commons works, you'll need to respect the attribution and such. See the comments in CSS for more info. :)