The ref feature

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The ref feature

You can use the KSVotes ref feature to send a reference code to initiate a registration session.

There are two ways to use ref.

GET request

If you enter into your browser, the your-org ref code will be saved and used for every registration until your browser is restarted.

POST request

You can host a form on your own server, in order to capture voter information before redirecting to

This example HTML snippet shows how you can create a form, gather input, and then redirect to KSVotes.

  <h1> test</h1>
   <form id="ksvotes" method="POST" action="">
     <input name="name_first" value="" > First Name
     <input name="name_last" value="" > Last Name
     <input name="dob" value="" placeholder="mm/dd/yyyy"> DOB
     <input name="email" value="" placeholder="" type="email"> Email
     <input name="phone" value="" placeholder="555-555-5555" type="tel"> Phone


 <script src=""></script>
   let $form = $('#ksvotes');
   $form.on('submit', function(ev, opts) {
     let options = opts || {};
     if (!options.payload_saved) {
       let $payload = $form.serialize();

       // pause our ksvotes form submit to save the data locally

       // send the data to our own server
         method: 'POST', // IMPORTANT to keep PII out of your server logs
         data: $payload,
         complete: function(data) {
           // pick up where we left off and continue to ksvotes
           $(ev.currentTarget).trigger('submit', { 'payload_saved': true });
     } else {
       alert("Sending data to KSVotes!");
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