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SS13 remake

Welcome! This is my attempt at creating an SS13 remake using node.js.


  1. Install node.js 8 or later
  2. Clone both and
  3. Run setup.bat in the bluespess repo.
  4. Run setup.bat in the tgstation-remake repo.

Whenever you update to the latest code, run setup.bat again afterwards for the simplest and easiest experience.


Run launch.bat in the tgstation-remake repo. To join the server connect to localhost:8080 using a web browser.


Make sure to base your code off of /tg/station commit 910be9f4e29270e3a0a36ed8042310ed4bee1845

If you add new items, and they are items that are part of the map, do not edit the map files directly - instead, add your new item to one of the rules files in tools/map-converter and run the map converter on the above-mentioned tgstation commit by dragging tgstation.dme onto convert.bat


All code is licensed under GNU AGPL v3.

All assets including icons and sound are under a Creative Commons 3.0 BY-SA license unless otherwise indicated.

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