Recreation of Maze War for the Xerox Alto
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MazeWar Updates Apr 12, 2016
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Maze War

This project is a pixel perfect recreation of Maze War for the Xerox Alto.
References for this project were sparse and all were low quality. Most of the reference material came from a VGA video of the game being played:

Final Product

alt tag
Terminal Window when creating/joining a game

alt tag
Game Window


- Multiplayer Version
- LAN Gameplay
- Host/Join Game
- Singleplayer Version (AI)
- Pathfinding
- Independent Agent system
- Sight system
- Combat Reflex Speed
- Score System
- Original Terminal Game Entry
- Procedural Maze Generation
- Game Minimap
- Visible Opponent Avatars
- FPS Kill System
- Original Game Resolution (606x808)
- Xerox Alto Font Replicas
- Original Raster-Line World Display


Play Singleplayer Version online: