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A pastebin software running on In addition to uploading text and code it also supports binary files.

Additional documentation can be found in ./doc.


Git is used for tracking changes and updating installations. The repository is located at Clone the repository and follow the instructions in ./INSTALL. Do not install using tarballs as this is not supported.

dev is the development branch and should not be used in production. All stable changes go to master and will be tagged regularly following semver guidelines.

Mailing List

Currently there is only one mailing list for everything (general discussion, patches, announcements, ...). If need be more lists will be created at a later date.


The official IRC channel is


Please submit patches (preferably git send-email) to the filebin-general mailing list. You do not need to register to be allowed to post.

You can also open a pull request on GitHub.


  • PHP >=5.5 with the following modules

    • gd for thumbnail generation
    • exif for thumbnail generation
    • phar for tarball creation
    • mysql, mysqli, pgsql, pdo_mysql (any of those) for database access
    • mbstring for multibyte support
    • xdebug for tests (not required on production)
  • composer for dependency management

  • pygmentize for code highlighting

  • ansi2html for shell output rendering (ANSI color codes)

  • imagemagick for additional thumbnail generation

    • ghostscript for PDF thumbnail creation via imagemagick
  • node.js for javascript minification