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An OpenSource Boundary Scan Test System (JTAG / IEEE1149.x)
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An OpenSource Boundary Scan Test System (JTAG / IEEE1149.x) for:

  • design checking
  • low level hardware testing and repairing
  • detection of opens, shorts, misloaded parts
  • bring-up of prototypes and systems
  • system testing in the field

Test Pattern Generators and UUT data structures open for:

  • interaction with In-Circuit and Flying Probe Test
  • interaction optical inspection (AOI/AXI)
  • customer specific requirements and extensions

Special Features

  • highly scripting capable
  • files ASCII based and well suitable for version control with git
  • programming language to write test programs
  • runs natively on Linux
  • source code written in Ada (for mission critical applications)
  • rugged boundary scan controller hardware for industrial and educational purposes

Boundary Scan Controller OpenSource:

  • the boundary scan controller for training, development and education: BSC mini

Why Ada ??

  • The only programming language that provides a robust and strong typing system is Ada.
  • Objects and structures within such a test system are very complex things and require sound modelling.
  • If saftey/mission critical and military applications use Ada, then is must be good for such a system as well.
  • Ada is defined by ISO/IEC 8652:2012 and MIL-STD-1815
  • Ada is beautiful :-)

More Download Stuff


  • We need a nice web site for the project.
  • You are highly welcome !
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