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Collection of bash scripts to abstract common linux package manager commands.
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paket - (yet another) package manager frontend


Clone the project e.g.git clone ~/Workspace/Scripts/paket.

Open paket/ and change the architecture and location accordingly. Currently only debian package management tools (apt, apt-get, apt-file, etc.) are supported.

Source the setup script in a configuration file of your choice, e.g. add source /path/to/paket/ to your .bashrc. This will export the architecture and path of paket as well. It also will append the path to bin/paket to your $PATH variable. If you prefere to handle the discoverability yourself, by for example soft linking bin/paket to a directory which is already added to $PATH you can pass --no-path or -n to the setup script.

After reloading your config file or restarting your shell, paket should now be available to you.


Basic command syntax:

paket <command> [options] [paramters]

Available commands:

  • clean
  • create
  • find
  • history
  • inspect
  • install
  • list
  • option
  • remove
  • repo
  • sync
  • update

More details coming soon.

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