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import ts3lib, ts3defines
from random import randint
from datetime import datetime
from ts3plugin import ts3plugin, PluginHost
from PythonQt.QtCore import QTimer
from pytson import getCurrentApiVersion
from bluscream import timestamp, clientURL
class complaintReminder(ts3plugin):
name = "Complaint Reminder"
try: apiVersion = getCurrentApiVersion()
except: apiVersion = 21
requestAutoload = False
version = "1.0"
author = "Bluscream"
description = "Reminds you about due complaints."
offersConfigure = False
commandKeyword = ""
infoTitle = None
menuItems = []
hotkeys = []
timer = QTimer()
servers = {}
waitingForList = []
interval = 60*1000
retcode = ""
def __init__(self):
err, schids = ts3lib.getServerConnectionHandlerList()
for schid in schids:
err, status = ts3lib.getConnectionStatus(schid)
self.onConnectStatusChangeEvent(schid, status, err)
if PluginHost.cfg.getboolean("general", "verbose"): ts3lib.printMessageToCurrentTab("{0}[color=orange]{1}[/color] Plugin for pyTSon by [url={2}]{2}[/url] loaded.".format(timestamp(),,
def stop(self):
if self.timer.isActive():
def tick(self):
if PluginHost.cfg.getboolean("general", "verbose"): print(self.servers)
if len(self.servers) < 1: self.timer.stop(); return
for schid in self.servers:
self.retcode = ts3lib.createReturnCode()
ts3lib.requestComplainList(schid, 0, self.retcode)
def onConnectStatusChangeEvent(self, schid, newStatus, errorNumber):
if newStatus == ts3defines.ConnectStatus.STATUS_DISCONNECTED:
self.servers.pop(schid, None)
if len(self.servers) < 1: self.timer.stop()
elif newStatus == ts3defines.ConnectStatus.STATUS_CONNECTION_ESTABLISHED:
ts3lib.requestComplainList(schid, 0, self.retcode)
def onComplainListEvent(self, schid, targetClientDatabaseID, targetClientNickName, fromClientDatabaseID, fromClientNickName, complainReason, timestamp):
if not schid in self.waitingForList and not schid in self.servers: return
if not self.timer.isActive() and len(self.servers) == 1:
if not schid in self.servers: self.servers[schid] = []
complaint = (targetClientDatabaseID, fromClientDatabaseID)
if not complaint in self.servers[schid]:
(err, ownID) = ts3lib.getClientID(schid)
ts3lib.requestClientPoke(schid, ownID, 'New complaint for "{}" by "{}"'.format(targetClientNickName, fromClientNickName)) # clientURL(schid, nickname=targetClientNickName), clientURL(schid, nickname=fromClientNickName)
def onServerErrorEvent(self, schid, errorMessage, error, returnCode, extraMessage):
if returnCode != self.retcode: return False
if error == ts3defines.ERROR_database_empty_result:
if schid in self.servers:
if len(self.servers[schid]) > 0: self.servers[schid].clear()
self.servers[schid] = []
if not self.timer.isActive() and len(self.servers) == 1:
return True
elif error == ts3defines.ERROR_ok: return True
return False
def onServerPermissionErrorEvent(self, schid, errorMessage, error, returnCode, failedPermissionID):
if returnCode != self.retcode or error != ts3defines.ERROR_permissions_client_insufficient or failedPermissionID != 207: return False
if PluginHost.cfg.getboolean("general", "verbose"): print(,">","not enough permissions on tab ", schid, "!")
if schid in self.waitingForList: self.waitingForList.remove(schid)
return True
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