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Official Shade-C EVO Repository
Official Shade-C EVO Repository.

Please get in contact if you want to help with the project! Even non coders might help in the form of filling the Wiki with content and tutorials.

Shade-C EVO is NOT free!
You can test it as long as you like however.

Once you start publishing material (images/videos/demo/release/etc) of your project (Showcase thread, game magazins, websites, compiled demo, etc) you need to get a license.

You don't have to get a license if:
- your project is open source
- you are posting bugs of your project or Shade-C
- you are helping other Shade-C users and have to post screenshots/videos to do so
- you are publishing work in progress material of your project
- you contribute(d) something to the Shade-C project

If you add new features to Shade-C, fix bugs or write tutorials you will get a free license. Please get in contact if you do so.

!! If enough people start working on Shade-C (bugfixing, new features, tutorials and manual/wiki), it will become fully free and the need for a license will be abandoned. !!
Shade-C is an easy to use Shader Collection for Conitec 3D Gamestudio A8. It adds features such as Deferred Rendering, Bloom, Depth of Field, SSAO & SSDO, Softparticles, Realtime Shadows, Refractions and an easy to customize Ubershader.

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