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RSS to Telegram bot

A self-hosted telegram python bot that dumps posts from RSS feeds to a telegram chat. This script was created because all the third party services were unreliable.

Image of help menu


For the docker image go to:


Python 3.X

pip install feedparser
pip install python-telegram-bot

A telegram bot is needed that the script will connect to. The chatid is required for the bot to know where to post the RSS feeds.

  1. Clone the script
  2. Replace your chatID and Token on the top of the script.
  3. Edit the delay. (seconds)
  4. Save and run
  5. Use the telegram commands to manage feeds


send /help to the bot to get this message:

RSS to Telegram bot

After successfully adding a RSS link, the bot starts fetching the feed every 60 seconds. (This can be set) Titles are used to easily manage RSS feeds and need to contain only one word 📝📝📝


/add title http://www(.)URL(.)com

/help Shows this text

/remove !Title! removes the RSS link

/list Lists all the titles and the RSS links from the DB

/test Inbuilt command that fetches a post from Reddits RSS.

Known issues

If the bot is set to for example 5 minutes and one feed manages to get 2 new posts before the bot can check. Only the newest post will show up on telegram.