A general-purpose forward-time population genetics simulation environment.
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simuPOP is a general-purpose individual-based forward-time population genetics simulation environment. Please refer to the simuPOP homepage


for details.


simuPOP is distributed under a GPL3 license. Starting from simuPOP 1.1.8, it supports only Python 3 (3.5 and up) on windows, mac and Linux systems.

simuPOP is part of the conda-forge, if you use Anaconda Python 3, you can install simuPOP with command

conda config --add channels conda-forge
conda install simuPOP

The first command only needs to be run only so you can upgrade simuPOP later using command

conda install simuPOP --upgrade

If you would like to use simuPOP with Python 2.5 - 2.7, please compile simuPOP from source, using either simuPOP 1.1.7, or the Python 2.x branch of simuPOP. Note that features that has been marked deprecated (e.g. simuOpt.Param, simuPOP.plotting) in simuPOP 1.1.7 and earlier are removed in simuPOP 1.1.8+, so simuPOP 1.1.7 would be your best bet for the execution of legendary simuPOP scripts.