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Macro-free controls for excel spreadsheets
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Macro-free controls for excel spreadsheets - free version

This application was developed in C# and requires .Net 4.5 or later to work properly. .Net downloads are freely available from Microsoft.

To install, download the Zip file & extract to a convenient location. Click the "Setup.exe" file. This will create a Start Menu entry for the application.

Only the first option in either check-box is operative in this demo version. You can click the other options if you like, but they are unresponsive.

This application is fairly robust against Excel issues in the sense that it won't "break." However, some of the log file messages don't provide you with much information. For example, if you choose to highlight all numeric constants, and the number of constants in any particular worksheet is ginormous, Excel will run out of memory and the app will be unable to complete the task. It will, however, keep running. Remember - Excel is designed with an infinite number of ways of reaching an error!

The Log File is saved in the "My Documents" directory of your computer. The first time you use this app, it creates the Log File, and updates it for every session.

See the file included with the download, "Spreadsheet controls usage.docx" for an overview of using the app.

Bob Crompton 770-752-5656

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