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Extensions to the jQuery library


These are small and simple jQuery plugins for use in your websites, and are browser agnostic.


V. 1.0 - June 17, 2011

  • Initial Commit


include them into your pages as you wish.



Filing Bugs and Building Test Cases

This is the best way to contribute is to visit the bugtracker.

Committing and Pull Requests

If you wish to contribute code please make sure you've first filed a bug report detailing your specific bug or feature request.

Next, create an account on Github (if you haven't done so already).

Create a fork of the project (More details on forking).

Before you write any code be sure to create a new branch in your repository in which all the changes will be committed. More details about Git branches can be found in the Pro Git chapter on branches and in the chapter on remote branches.

After your new branch has been pushed to your repository you can now send a pull request. Be sure to reference the bug(s) that you're fixing in the commit messages and in the pull request description (this helps us to track the changes easier).

We (I) follow the git flow branching model as described by nvie here using his awesome tool git-flow hosted right here on github.

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