AIOMiner - A GPU Mining Management Application for AMD/NVIDIA
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All In One Miner

Current Release - Alpha 8.5.0 Quick Download: ( Free Online Monitoring/Alerting NVIDIA AND AMD SUPPORTED No Fees Community Driven No batch files :)

AIOMiner project was put together to help desktop owners and rig owners alike to mine alt coins with one application. No longer will you need to operate with batch files. You now have one application to help you make more coins.

Features Currently Avaiable

  • Online Monitoring for Free
  • Online alerting for Free
  • No Fees from AIOMiner
  • AMD/NVIDIA Supported
  • Pool Management
  • 50 + Algorithms supported
  • Add your own coin
  • Schedule reboot
  • Schedule restart of mining
  • Automatic Updates for AIO and Miners/Processes
  • Auto Profit Switching
  • Auto start mining on start of application
  • Following a schedule of coins you want to mine throughout the week
  • Idle Mining
  • Price Marquee
  • Display of current Speed on the front of the application
  • Display of current GPU Power usage on the front of the application (AMD is an estimate at this time)
  • Enable Auto-Login for your windows machine
  • Enable AIOMiner to start as soon as you boot
  • Backup/Import settings
  • Change your coin prices to multiple curranceys
  • Review individual card performance
  • Monitor you mining and restart on errors
  • Rebooting of your machine if you experience multiple failures of mining
  • Test all pools before you add them
  • Unlimited pool support
  • JSON based pool list that can easily be shared between miners (or pools to recommend a download)
  • Adjust if you want to reboot and after how long
  • Now you can put in advanced settings if mine are not ideal
  • Added the ability to add new coins quickly so you don't need to re-install
  • Added a quick mine ability in the help section

Getting Started

Download AIOMiner_Alpha_*** (

Current Coins Supported

All of them, pretty much


Installing will give you every thing you need.
You should look at getting the latest Nvidia/Amd drivers Installer now installs c++ runtimes that are needed

Built With

  • [Any/All mining apps]
  • [CCMiner 2.2.4, And like projects]
  • [EWBF V0.3.4b]
  • [DSTM]
  • [Phoenix Miner]
  • [NsGpuCNMiner]
  • [ZecMiner64]
  • [EthDcrMiner64]
  • [nsgminer]
  • [SGMiner, And like projects]
  • [Visual Studio 2017]