@BobbyGR BobbyGR released this Dec 8, 2018

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8.5.0 - 12/8/2018
Fixed bug's with API Spitting out errors about connections that don't matter
Fixed Restart/Reboot Bugs from AIOMiner.com
Created Debug Mode. Now if you are having issues getting the right settings going, you can enable debug mode to see why a miner closed to assist you
Fixed Phoenix API Bug
Fixed ProgPow's KH/s to MH/s
Added in API Support for all supported Miners
Added in Signed SSL Cert from AIO INC

AIOMiner_Installer.exe is now SSL Cert Signed to AIO INC

@BobbyGR BobbyGR released this Mar 31, 2018 · 4 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

API Support for AIOMiner.com Monitoring
Changed Alerting from rig to server (so if a rig dies, you will know it died)
ProgPow API Support
lolMiner API Support
Fixed an issue where processes would lock files when you close (aiominer.sys for example). We are now gracefully closing our threads on exit
Fixed an issue where if a new user downloaded AIOMiner, they would need to run an update to get the latest miners. We now grab the latest miners file before you update
Added in a welcome screen to help you load the AIOMiner API for monitoring
Added in Benchmark for ProgPow, Cryptonight Saber, and Cryptonightv8
Updated donate link to an active link (RIP OLD ACCOUNT)

Fixed bug with Schedule a reboot of rig where if a users enabled alerts, but then disabled them. the reboot would hang on trying to decide if it should reboot

Added in support for Hex,PHI2,ZHash, and CNHeavy to whattomine.com profit list

re-added in when you goto pool settings, it will auto select whatever coin you were currently mining

Fixed random bugs


Removed amazing colors
Added in support to schedule a reboot of the rig
-- Email alert will happen if you schedule this

Added in support to schedule a restart of mining services
Added in support for CastXMR API
Added in support for 0xBTC mining API
Moved status items down to the actual status bar


New installer - Will now just patch the .exe for updates

Release Notes:

New Colors, in an attempt to get a UI person to come forward, we are using some...fun colors.

GPU Details on the front of AIOMiner, this is now showing you data for Fan Speed, Temp, and Utilization.

Timed Mining, With summer in full force, we have created a Timed Mining setting. This allows for users who pay crazy prices during special times of the day to turn off mining during those hours, and then to start back up when selected.

E-Mail alerts, To prep our web systems for heavy traffic we are starting off with adding in E-Mail alerts. Start, Stop, Restart Mining and Restarting Rig will all trigger an e-mail. Users will need to confirm their e-mail account, put in code to activate the alarms. You can choose to disable alarms in the same setting where you enabled them. The same EMAIL/CODE is to be used on all of your rigs. This is a temporary EMAIL/CODE until we move over to our "production" site.

Pool Settings will now show a * next to each coin where you have a pool setup
When you goto pool settings, if you have a coin selected in "Coin to Mine" it will default to that coins pool as the chances are high you want to edit that coins settings.

wiki.aiominer.com integration is starting to show, we offer a wiki for each coin by default (we are still building this list), this will allow for users to know where to get a wallet, and any tips for using AIOMiner when mining that coin, be it advanced settings or favorite pools

purge miners - You now have the option to purge all of the miners and re-download if your Miners list has been growing

donation - You can now donate directly to the AIOMiner team via Help->Donate!

benchmark - Removed CryptoNight and placed in ZHash. Removed Skunk, placed in Lyra2z. Still following WhatToMine.com

Miners - Added in support for the new AMD Lyra2REv2 miner. It will auto generate the conf file for you. It is not optimized as the miner is still new, but over time it will be. Right now expect 35-40 MHs for a 480.


You can now test a pool with a stratum or http/s in the name.
When you check for new miners it will now auto download if you have new miners.
Phoenix Miner would still stay open after a request to stop. Tested/Patched
Clickable Ad on the Stop is no longer the image but a hotlink, the image will wave the 5 second delay.
Fixed link for ethermine and ETC.
Did I mention the colors?

Mar 31, 2018
Update README.md
Update for AIO8

@BobbyGR BobbyGR released this Dec 30, 2017 · 16 commits to master since this release

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  • Fixes - 7C
  • Fixed issue where neoscrypt was not working by default for Nvidia, users needed to remove --devices 01234567
  • Fixed issue where if you saved a pool, then changed coins, the old pool name would stay in the list of pools
  • Fixed Orbit Image
  • Fixed Ubiq Image
  • Fixed Verge Image
  • Fixed Votecoin Image
  • Fixed Pool Settings advanced issues interfering with mining config
  • Fixed big red X on stat bar
  • Changed to use collection of processes (aka miners ) when started and killed
  • Updated to CCMINER 2.2.4
  • Updated to Claymore(Ethdcrminer64 10.4)
  • Updated to Claymore(NsGpuCNMiner 11.2)
  • AIO now installs and runs getting files from S3 bucket vs AIOMINER.COM
  • Installer Submitted to Microsoft to update for Defender
  • Installer Submitted to virustotal.com to be scanned: Clean
  • https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/e8f518e55783a853659938ed1c25f441acf5c8cf2e7730ce3135f2dd231759b2/details
  • MD5:4ab59b2b7ac76a714a9d87a2540609cf

It seems people think i'm just trying to give you a virus with my public name attached. Not a smart idea on by behalf but regardless.



@BobbyGR BobbyGR released this Dec 6, 2017 · 16 commits to master since this release

Assets 5
  • Added BitcoinZ Mining Support
  • Added STRAKS Mining Support
  • Added Ethereum Mining Support

  • Redesigned the pool settings (Now JSON, People can add/share/edit)
  • Unlimited Pool Support
  • Fixed all of the test buttons on the pools
  • Fixed "tons" of minor bugs
  • Improved Monitoring of all coins
  • Fixed Scheduling Issue
  • Fixed issue with Monitoring of the coin window was sizable and taking over your soul
  • Removed this internet checker that would close your miner even if you had internet (Alpha for a reason here people, try new things!)

---HOT PATCH 1---

  • Fixed issue with monitoring on CCMiner
  • Added the ability to change your intensity for CCMiner (This is for every CCMiner algo, not just the coin)
  • Fixed issue where the first time you loaded the application it wouldn't find any video cards
  • You can't run two instances of AIOMiner
  • Added new logo
  • Added a video on the internet about this..find it..

--HOT PATCH 2 ---

  • Fixed the "OKHERE" from "hotpatch1"
  • Can only get better from here right?

-- HOT PATCH 3 ---
Release 6.3

  • Fixed issue where if you were mining and then selected idle mining previous mining would be stuck in a loop
  • Fixed issue where if you clicked on the countdown in button one it would start a shutdown of processes, now it will do nothing
  • Fixed issue if you clicked X on the AIOMiner while mining you would be locked in a death spiral. It will now close the mining then kill it's self
  • Fixed issue where the pool selecter was not displaying the correct information, and wouldn't update if it was a primary pool
  • Fixed issue where AIO Monitor was the last thing closed when stopping, this would cause an issue where the monitor would see that mining stopped and try to restart it. Now it will be the first thing closed
  • Improved how we close your mining vs doing a loop of all processes, now knows what you opened and closes it
  • Removed the need for miner.log with EWBF, it now uses the EWBF API for SOL/S and error checking
  • Added the ability to clear logs with new "clear logs button"
  • Added the ability to minimize AIOMiner to the bottom corner
  • Adjusted the EWBF temp limit to 85
  • Added the ability to adjust your intensity for Lyra2REv2 Coins (This is across the board, not coin specific)
  • Adjusted the CCMiner default intensity to 21
  • Added a check for the IP pool to not actaully contain the word IP (Keith Error 1)
  • You may now select to enable or disable video cards to use when mining with Equihash/EWBF (Enabled is on by default)
  • AIO Settings -> Exit, will now close all mining operations before closing the application
  • Fixed AIO Monitor not staying on top (This will still show even if you minimize)
  • Updated version to 6.3 bottom left hand corner
    Please review the updates, check off one by one. Let me know if you have any issues
    I will need atleast 3 people to confirm before release to public
  • You may now select to enable or disable video cards to use when mining with Equihash/EWBF (Enabled is on by default)

Release 6.3.1

  • Fixed issue where if you clicked on the countdown in button one it would start a shutdown of processes, now it will do nothing *This made it so you couldn't mine, this is still a bug, but removed in 6.3.1 so idle mine would work again.

Release 6.4 HP4 (yup it's getting crazy)

  • Fixes the e-mail issue
  • Because of the way we had to fix e-mail WINDOWS DEFENDER IS GOING TO BITCH! sorry guys

If you had Alpha 6 from before, just download the AIOMiner_Alpha6_HP4.rar
If you have never seen this application, download the larger AIOMiner_Alpha6W_HP4.rar

Note: This version will expire Jan 1 2018. This is to avoid tool version sprawl. Spay/Neuter Your Pets

Dec 7, 2017


Update README.md
Dec 6, 2017


Update README.md

@BobbyGR BobbyGR released this Dec 2, 2017 · 23 commits to master since this release

Assets 2
  • Change the name of the project to AIOMiner (All In One Miner)
  • Added Multiple Coins (ZenCash,Komodo,Mona,Hush,Vertcoin,ZCash)
  • Updated CCMiner to version 2.2.2
  • Added a Backup/Import for settings
  • All MH/s show up inside of the application for EWBF and CCMiner
  • You can now change the currency of the price the coins are being displayed in
  • Added E-Mail settings to show you how to SMS
  • Allowed you to edit the Idle settings (You pick your own countdown)
  • Enabled a Schedule Setting (You can set a daily coin you want to mine, changes at Midnight)
  • Improved the monitoring of your mining
  • Fixed a few issues where you couldn't set the pool to be your main pool

** This release includes the fix where if you hit stop, we closed the application on you 💯