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Command-line uploader for various file hosts
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command-line uploader for various file hosts



uguush [options]


-d Delay the screenshot by the specified number of seconds.

-f Take a fullscreen screenshot.

-h Show this help message.

-o <host> Select which host to use (uguu, teknik, 0x0 or fiery).

-p <path> Custom path to save the image to. Saves the image as "%Y-%m-%d %H-%M-%S.png".

-c Copy image instead of URL to clipboard.

-n Enable save notification (if used alongside -p option).

-s Take a selection screenshot.

-u <file> Upload a file.

-x Do not notify dbus, update the log, or modify the clipboard.

-w Take a screenshot of the current window.

-S Select a shortener to use (waaai or 0x0).

-l <url> Upload the file at the provided URL.

-k Use KDE/Spectacle (with -p file name will be "Screenshot_%Y%m%d_%H%M%S.png").

-t <token> Set token (for fiery host).

-a <id> Set numerical ID of an album (for fiery host).

-D <domain> Set custom fiery domain (only the hostname without protocol).

Custom fiery domain have some custom domains which redirects to (the domain which serve all the files uploaded into, such as:

So the -D <domain> option was added to automatically replace with your desired domain (e.g. -D

Keep in mind that the domains will only redirect to the actual file in instead of masking the original URL.

Screenshot tool requirements

You need to have ANY (not ALL) of the following tools:


  • curl
  • libnotify (for notifications)
  • xclip (for clipboard support)
  • xdotool (for current window capture, not needed if using -k option)



Huge thanks to all GitHub contributors.

Big thanks to neku for creating pomf and uguu!

Inspired by onodera-punpun's

Original upload functionality by KittyKatt.

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